Get a Library Card

Card Fees

  • Adult Card - $7.00
  • Family Card - $10.00

Loan Periods

  • DVDs are loaned for one week unless specified on checkout receipt
  • Books, audiobooks, magazines, and TV Series on DVD are loaned out for 3 weeks

Overdue Fines Per Item Borrowed

  • Adult & Young Adult resources .25/day to a maximum of $5.00 per item
  • Children’s resources .10/day to a maximum of $2.00 per item
  • All cardholders who have reached a maximum of $5.00 in outstanding fines will not be allowed to borrow resources until their account is paid.

Penalties for lost or damaged items

The original purchase cost if it is available, shall be charged. If this is not available a fee for the type of item damaged or lost shall be charged. This charge may be waived if an exact replacement copy in new or pristine condition is provided by the cardholder. Should the cardholder find a lost item within six (6) months of having paid the lost fee for the item, the cardholder shall be reimbursed for the item. After the six (6) month period, the item remains the property of the cardholder.


The Library provides computers and wireless access.